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Insurance by its nature is a subject that many don’t want to think about. People don’t want to think about it because when you need insurance, it’s usually because some kind of misfortune has occurred and something needs to be repaired or replaced. Kenneth Rhodes & Associates completely understands that. But the good thing to know is that you WON’T have to think about insurance when you have your coverage with us. We will craft a policy that delivers the constant peace of mind of knowing that you are affordably covered, so when the time does come, you have one less major stressor in your life.

Reliability. Affordability. Flexibility. These are the major pillars of good insurance of any type. You need coverage that you can rely upon to protect your financial foundation when fate blows an ill wind in your direction. You need coverage that isn’t so expensive that you are covered in the long term but financially stretched to the limit in the short term. And you need coverage that is flexible enough to change and mature as your personal or professional circumstances dictate. This is what Kenneth Rhodes & Associates provides to each and every individual or business client that we serve throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Give us a call today for a customized quote!

South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia Insurance

Auto Insurance

Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will provide you the coverage you need to affordably protect all of your autos, offering you price reductions for multiple vehicles and discounts available to many people but known to very few. Most people do not realize that they are either over-insured or under-insured. While some make the argument that there’s no such thing as being over- insured, the fact of the matter is that if you’re paying premiums that are putting a pinch in your day-to-day quality of life for coverage that is way above the national average, this is your situation. Of course, under-insured is not where you want to land either – not by a long shot.

Our experienced agents will examine each facet of your automotive profile – type of vehicles, driving history, business versus personal use of vehicle, average travel times, distances, and routes – to provide you the very best policy at the greatest value. Inexperienced agents often have little idea how to convert the variables involved in where people drive, when they drive, and what amount of time they drive to savings. But Kenneth Rhodes & Associates has been doing it for so long that it is second nature to us. You’ll be amazed at the savings! Call 864-225-8865 today!

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Exterior of House With Insurance

Home Insurance

Clearly, there are a wide variety of homes and Kenneth Rhodes & Associates provides a policy for whatever dwelling you need to protect. The basic homeowner’s policy covers fire and smoke damage, lightning strikes, windstorms, theft, vandalism and numerous other areas that may cause home damage, but a broad homeowner policy is the most common instrument used. The broad form expands on a basic policy to include coverage for falling objects, the weight of snow and ice, freezing of household systems, pipe damage and some other areas.

Beyond these two common coverages, Kenneth Rhodes & Associates, with locations in Anderson SC, Greenville SC, Williamston SC, Lavonia GA, and Toccoa GA, offers special policies for homeowners who seek protections that may be particular to their geographic area or home design. We also offer policies for older homes, trailer homes, and comprehensive policies that offer the most wide-ranging protections available on the market. Contact us today for your no-pressure no-obligation quote!

Life Insurance

Let our experienced agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates guide you through the process of identifying the right life insurance policy that will supply ample protection for your family but not keep you cash-strapped with high premiums. Term life insurance is the most common instrument people opt for, but whole life provides a consistency that suits other people’s preferences. Universal life is an increasingly popular choice due to its flexibility. Universal policies allow the insured to increase or decrease death benefits, and also offer more choice in premium payment amounts and timeframes.

While each type of life policy has its benefits, every client’s particular circumstances – personal and professional – will dictate which option best suits them at this particular point in time. Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will help you make this decision and will be there to monitor your insurance needs as you progress through the years. Life changes, and life insurance needs change. Our seasoned agents will help make sure your changes are for the best.

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Business Insurance

There are almost as many types of business insurance policies as there are businesses. It’s a complex field, and Kenneth Rhodes & Associates has the experience and expertise to help you successfully navigate the terrain. Proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, or larger corporations each have their own coverage requirements and our agents will show you customized options from which you can choose.

The nature of each business also dictates insurance needs. Does your business produce a good or are you service-based – or both? How many employees do you have on payroll? Are you a seasonal company or full-year? What transportation concerns impact your company? The variables are nearly endless, and the last thing you need is an inexperienced agent or a faceless insurance carrier that doesn’t know you from ten-thousand other policy numbers on a computer screen. Kenneth Rhodes & Associates knows our business clients, understands their concerns, and designs coverage options that fully protect their livelihood while not crimping their bottom line. Call 864-225-8865 today for a no-pressure no-obligation review of your business insurance needs today!

Motorcycle, Boat, ATV and RV

We have your cars covered, so let’s move on to the really fun vehicles! Whether you roll on two wheels or three, over snow, through the city streets, or across the country roads, Kenneth Rhodes & Associates will provide you the coverage that will have you fully protected but keep more dollars in your pocket to spend when you reach your destination!

Bundling packages always bring significant savings, and the seasoned agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates are privy to more discounts available for your mobile toys than you can imagine. Let’s face it – it’s expensive enough as it is just to afford the vehicles we need to get us to and from work to pay for the vehicles that we really enjoy. Throw in the costs of purchasing the bike, the ATV, the snowmobile, or the RV, and who needs prohibitive insurance costs on top of it all? Call us today and check out the savings we can provide! We’re confident that we’ll leave you smiling!

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Renters Insurance

For the value it provides, there really is no better bargain in the insurance world than renters. Despite this fact, there are a good percentage of renters who do not take advantage of it.

Let one of our knowledgeable agents at Kenneth Rhodes & Associates run down the menu of offerings for you and find out how to protect your assets from loss, theft, and damage if you lease rather than own. The fact that renters have more neighbors makes the probability of a mishap – minor or major – increase. A basic law of civilization: where there are more people, there are more misadventures. Protect yourself at premiums that will be sure to impress. Renting is on the rise – from lofts for young professionals, to renovated homes for college students, to luxurious apartments for empty-nesters, so make sure that your insurance coverage protects your valuables if you join the trend! Call 864-225-8865 for a quick quote that we are certain will leave you smiling!

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the centerpiece of any comprehensive insurance profile. Protecting you against litigation stemming from accidents in the home, on the road, or in the workplace, liability coverage is vital but our experience shows us that it is not fully understood by a large number of people.

Our team will explain the fundamentals of what a sound liability package looks like and then find what your personal circumstances dictate in terms of coverage. Whether you own a home or rent, have multiple vehicles, are a business owner or subcontractor, and many other variables will impact the amount of liability coverage you need. We also offer specific business options – Comprehensive General Liability (CGL), Errors & Omissions policies, and Directors & Officers coverages. Contact us at 864-225-8865 for a quick quote or to schedule a full insurance profile review. Bundling options are always available to increase your savings! Come in for a cup of coffee and we’ll have you on your way to better coverage at significant savings before you know it!

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Farm Property and Crop Insurance

Farm Insurance

Your farm is your livelihood, and you can never be too cautious. Since an accident can happen when you least expect it, it’s important to be prepared when potential problems arise. By being proactive with a proper farm policy, your equipment, buildings, and even lost income can be covered in the event that an unforeseen circumstance disrupts your operations.

Whether you’re a local grower or a large cultivator, we understand the value of insuring your greatest asset. At Kenneth Rhodes & Associates, we’re dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected – so you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation. Whether you own or rent, have a large or small operation, or raise crops or livestock, we can expand and tailor policies to help meet your unique situation. We serve all of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Call for a free quote at 864-225-8865.

Financial Services

Kenneth Rhodes & Associates provides financial services for individuals and businesses alike. Our range of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique needs. From retirement planning and insurance to wealth management and asset distribution, our team of financial advisors will work with you to meet your financial goals. Have peace of mind knowing that you, your family, and your financial futures are on a solid foundation. The more you can plan for life’s best moments, the more you can relax and enjoy them.

Financial Services